A Fall Engagement: Cassie + Kory

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to photograph my first engagement session after two friends announced their happy plans to get hitched. We met one early and overcast November morning when their garden was full and alive in bloom and got down to business. I am so pleased with the results of the shoot (especially since it was my first time doing an engagement...and I was having contact lens problems). It is always such a blast to photograph my friends, and I just feel so good inside when I am able to give someone something so personal and know that it truly means a lot to them. Here's to you, Cassie and Kory, congratulations on tying the knot!

And so, here is a selection of some of our favorites from the shoot:


Some photographs were warmed up a bit as alternate edits-here is an example

Just beautiful. This is my favorite shot by far.

We also ventured across the street to Lake Alice for some tea and more shooting. The lighting was a bit more difficult to work with, but I like that there is some variation within the shoot.

If you are interested in contacting me about my photography, here is my email! Thanks!

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