Elena & Juan Pi: Un año juntos

Or: Elena and Juan Pablo, one year together.

Since I couldn't photograph their actual wedding last year in Medellín, Colombia, Elena asked me to take a few portraits for their one year anniversary. We were blessed with a perfect afternoon in December- the air was crisp, the light was long and lingering, and we got to follow up our shoot with a Christmas party at the museum with all of our closest friends. I loved working with these two... Elena is so vibrant and positive that an infectious happiness just follows her always. Juan Pi is the perfect complement for such a radiant little lady, so caring and understanding. You can feel it when you're with them and I can see it in all of these pictures. They adore each other! What a wonderful feeling. So here it is, a sample from my first anniversary shoot! I'm so pleased!!

Bouquet and boutonniere by PuroLove. They are handmade from felt and wire- lasting keepsakes from their wedding that were perfect for this shoot. (The pieces also match the carrier perfectly- Elena studies butterflies and Juan Pi studies birds!)




Congratulations Elena and Juan Pablo!! ❤ Te amo mucho!


Cindy + Skip Engagement

I was thrilled when my big sister Cindy asked me to take her engagement photos this summer-- she is the first of the four of us to get hitched, and I felt honored that she chose me over a more experienced professional for these first-timey things. So I met her out in New Orleans, had our requisite Bourbon Street bar-hopping sisterly bonding time, and then proceeded towards her home to catch up and plan our shoot. We drove all over beautiful Baton Rouge picking out locations and discussing outfits and poses and acting comfortably in front of the camera, both getting very excited to get down to business.

There was one thing we did not plan on. It is HOT in the bayou during the summer. We know this. I live in a swamp. We were raised in the icky Florida heat. But duh! We have spent our whole lives hiding from it indoors or at the pool--NOT getting all dressed up and then just standing around. You do not smile naturally when it is 90 degrees Fahrenheit and 100% humidity and there are mosquitoes all over your legs and sweat running down your temples. No. In these situations, you curse loudly and go back inside. Air conditioning and sun shades are how the summers here are survived.

 So we definitely had our work cut out for us. We had to work fast, against the heat, the sweat, the frustration. Look happy, please, just for a second, I know, this sucks, I know, just bear with me. Got what you need sis? OK let's get out of here now.

And despite the circumstances, Cindy and Skip were total troopers. They rocked the whole shoot and we ended up with a set of photographs that we were all happy about. I am so pleased to share them with you now, and I hope that the amount of love and affection these two have for each other shines through in every picture, because it was more than palpable and evident as we were taking them. I'll admit- I cried while editing these. It was the look in my sister's eye that got me every time. I am so happy for you Cindy, congratulations and get ready for one heck of a party this January. Skip, welcome to the family brother! I love you both so much, this is all for you.