Ulriksdals Slott

 Forest adventures with my friend Olivia brought us down the road, through the trees, out past an adorable Inn and along the water to a dock on the ice that overlooked this castle. We are returning for dockside picnics when it is warm again, because this place was beautiful.

almost like Florida, only with ice instead of sand.

Aren't we cute!

snooping through the windows of Ulriksdals Wärdshus.

literally impossible for me not to ask "have you ever seen Pet Sematary?" when in the presence of interesting graveyards.
This picture was right after we both slipped and fell on the ice, ouch! We then quickly retreated for hot chocolate and tortilla española and then stayed up all night talking and watching The Wire with another friend Sam. It was a good day. It's always a good day.

Late nights on an empty platform.

The next morning I traveled to Uppsala to visit my friend Anton, and we walked all over the city, forever along the Fyris River and through many parks to look at rune stones, up to Carolina Rediviva and further up to Uppsala Slott to overlook the city as the night set in, watching a flock of swooping birds while we sat on the canons and talked about life. We also awkwardly sat in on an organ concert for a few minutes in the beautiful Uppsala domkyrka and saw old and weird science and art and history in the Museum Gustavianum (including an excellent anatomical theater used for the dissection of executed criminals and also some mummies). It was a day replete with adventures, and all I managed to take a picture of was my burrito/quesadilla from when we had lunch in the sun by the river. Funny how that works out.

dagens veggie burrito, from a food cart called El Sombrero.

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