The Start of Spring

Here are a few pictures taken on adventures in the orange setting sun in early March, with spring just beginning to show through the melted ice and snow. It's funny, I have only been here for 7 weeks and now anything above 4-5 C is "sneaker weather." I am very content with spending my days in the sun by the water--and there is water everywhere--with a book and a sandwich, a friend, some coffee, and my camera. Really, that is all I need.

kaffe och semla at a cafe with my beautiful cousin Hanna (my first semla!)

This is my friend Sarah, isn't she cute! And she is from Florida! When you read this, hello Sarah! These are from our bagel-feasting, shoe-shopping, sun-chasing adventures across the city over this past weekend. She's a lot of fun! Yay friends!


I don't know if pictures are enough to even begin to describe how beautiful the sunlight is in this city... but it's worth a shot.

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