Elena & Juan Pi: Un año juntos

Or: Elena and Juan Pablo, one year together.

Since I couldn't photograph their actual wedding last year in Medellín, Colombia, Elena asked me to take a few portraits for their one year anniversary. We were blessed with a perfect afternoon in December- the air was crisp, the light was long and lingering, and we got to follow up our shoot with a Christmas party at the museum with all of our closest friends. I loved working with these two... Elena is so vibrant and positive that an infectious happiness just follows her always. Juan Pi is the perfect complement for such a radiant little lady, so caring and understanding. You can feel it when you're with them and I can see it in all of these pictures. They adore each other! What a wonderful feeling. So here it is, a sample from my first anniversary shoot! I'm so pleased!!

Bouquet and boutonniere by PuroLove. They are handmade from felt and wire- lasting keepsakes from their wedding that were perfect for this shoot. (The pieces also match the carrier perfectly- Elena studies butterflies and Juan Pi studies birds!)




Congratulations Elena and Juan Pablo!! ❤ Te amo mucho!

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