Here are some old pictures from a little day trip Olivia and I took to Vaxholm from a few weeks ago (I've abandoned my computer, it seems). Vaxholm is a small but beautiful island close to Stockholm. Our trip revolved around cafes, cake, and ice cream eating, a long walk through town and down by the water. I hope I can go back to it when it's warm enough to swim.

precious sleeping shop kitty

The following is a random assortment of photographs taken of Cesar, mi amor that has come to visit me here in Stockholm! The ones of me were taken by him.

inside Beyond Retro, making him go purse shopping with me...


  Kind of a jumbled assortment of photographs taken on adventures and long walks in the sun...my favorite.

I have so many of photographs and stories to come from the road trip to Hamburg and Copenhagen we just got back from. I hope I can get to them in time before leaving for Paris this Sunday morning! Living in Europe rules, everything is so new and exciting. I can't wait to finish these rolls of film!!

The following are taken on the same hill on Sveavagen with the Centaur pictured above. Warning, it's about to get precious.

ruanas in the wind

If anyone has suggestions on what to do (what I mean: where to eat) in Paris, Florence, and Rome, please drop me a line! And as well for Amsterdam--we fly there 6 days after getting back from Rome. Everything is  happening all at once and I love it.. well, maybe not the perpetual hangover. Still worth it!

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